Design & Construction

Our Project list

Design & Construction

Flood Revival works

Factory Renovation (MEZZANINE)

Factory Renovation (EPOXY COATING)

Interior Work

M&E; Works

Demolish Work

Cleaning Works

Office of Northern Japan

Structure Project

Crane Project

MEPS Project

Injection Factory

Rangsit Project

Office Interior

Factory Renovation (Reform)

Work Project

Bar Interior

Bar lounge interior

Bar Restaurant Interior

Design & Construction

・Factory Construction Works
・Flood Revival Works
・Factory Renovation (Mezzanine)
・Factory Renovation (Epoxy Coating)
・Interior Works
・M&E Works
・Demolish Works
・Cleaning Works
・Design Construction and Reinovation
・Eco-Technorogy Consulting & Construction for ISO
・Concrete Reinforcement
・Surface Protection of Concrete Structure
・Soil Improvement